You can make payments online or pay cash at these locations

You can make payments online or pay cash at these locations

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Fast Friendly Texas Prepaid Electricity


  1. No credit check, no deposit options: Say goodbye to the hassle of credit checks and upfront deposits.
  2. No ID required option
  3. $40 connection balance to start: Begin your service with a modest connection balance that suits your needs.
  4. Everyone is approved: We believe that everyone deserves access to electricity, so approval is guaranteed.
  5. Same day connection in 1 to 2 hours (excluding Sunday): Experience same day lights with a swift and hassle-free connection process to power up your home promptly.
  6. Daily account updates via text: Stay informed about your account with convenient daily updates sent directly to your phone.
  7. Automatic billing: Simplify your payments with automatic billing, ensuring that you never miss a payment.
  8. Convenient online payment: Easily pay your bills online using your credit or debit card for added convenience.
  9. Cash payments accepted: Make cash payments at various locations including Ace Cash Express, Walmart, CVS, 7 Eleven, and all MoneyGram locations, making it easier for you to manage your payments.
  10. Texas Based and Texan Friendly Phone Customer Service.

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Discover why Texas Prepaid Lights is the leading provider of fast and affordable prepaid electricity in Texas. With over 20 years of experience, we offer unbeatable deals and reliable services to meet your energy needs. Trust us for dependable and cost-effective prepaid electricity solutions.

Everyone is Approved!

Prepaid electricity in 1 to 2 hours

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What is the Best Prepaid Electricity Rate in Texas?

In the Lone Star State, electricity options shine as brightly as its diverse population. Texans enjoy a unique freedom – the ability to choose their energy providers, a privilege embraced by over 85% of residents. This has created a dynamic marketing landscape online, on the airwaves, and on television screens in this energy-rich region. Within this dynamic energy ecosystem, the concept of prepaid electricity in Texas emerges as a user-friendly solution: pay as you go, without the hassles of credit checks or identification.

The Quest for the Most Economical Prepaid Electric Plan in Texas

When it comes to prepaid electricity plans, the sheer array of options can leave us pondering one crucial question: “Which prepaid electric plan delivers the most cost-effective solution in Texas?”

To unravel this mystery, we embarked on a comprehensive examination of popular prepaid electricity plans. We meticulously reviewed Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) sourced directly from the web, these essential documents mandated by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas furnish us with the precise details needed to pinpoint the lowest prepaid electricity rates in the state.”

Which cheap prepaid electricity plan
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