You can make payments online or pay cash at these locations

You can make payments online or pay cash at these locations

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Fast Friendly Texas Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid Electricity in 1 to 2 hours
Texas Prepaid Lights is the top choice for speedy and cost-effective prepaid electricity. Offering great deals on prepaid electricity services, they’re ready to assist you.
  1. Plan Options: Choose from flexible electricity plans of 6 or 12 months. Consistent Rate: Benefit from a steady kilowatt price throughout the entire year.
  2. Convenient Activation: Begin service promptly with a minimal upfront payment of $40.
  3.  Prompt Connection: Experience a swift same-day connection. Hassle-Free: No credit check or extra deposit needed.
  4. Stay up-to-date with the ever-changing prepaid electricity prices, particularly during the summer season.
  5. Sameday lights with service in 1 to 2 hours (excluding Sunday).
With over 20 years of experience serving Texas, we are committed to offering dependable and cost-effective electricity services.

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What is the Best Prepaid Electricity Rate in Texas?

In the Lone Star State, electricity options shine as brightly as its diverse population. Texans enjoy a unique freedom – the ability to choose their energy providers, a privilege embraced by over 85% of residents. This has created a dynamic marketing landscape online, on the airwaves, and on television screens in this energy-rich region. Within this dynamic energy ecosystem, the concept of prepaid electricity in Texas emerges as a user-friendly solution: pay as you go, without the hassles of credit checks or identification.

The Quest for the Most Economical Prepaid Electric Plan in Texas

When it comes to prepaid electricity plans, the sheer array of options can leave us pondering one crucial question: “Which prepaid electric plan delivers the most cost-effective solution in Texas?”

To unravel this mystery, we embarked on a comprehensive examination of popular prepaid electricity plans. We meticulously reviewed Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) sourced directly from the web, these essential documents mandated by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas furnish us with the precise details needed to pinpoint the lowest prepaid electricity rates in the state.”

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What is the Best Prepaid Electricity Rate in Texas?

In Texas, prepaid electricity companies offer a variety of plans and even free energy offers, such as free nights and weekends. However, it is crucial to read the terms and conditions to fully understand the implications. While pre-payment electricity plans can be advantageous if you make the most of their billing procedure, they can also result in high electricity bills if you are not mindful of your daily usage.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have analyzed recent data from the Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) of five popular prepaid electricity plans. By examining the Dallas electric rate, Oncor charges, daily fees, and promotional features outlined in the EFLs, we have determined the best price for pay-as-you-go electricity in Texas.

  1. Rate lock 12 by Payless Power
  2. Rate lock 6 by Payless Power
  3. Free Nights by Acacia Energy 
  4. Free Nights by Acacia Energy 
  5. 100% Clean Energy by Pogo Energy 

Texas Prepaid Electricity Rate Plans Comparison Chart

Regardless of your electricity plan, Oncor charges 3.5897 cents/kWh for power delivery and a fixed fee of $3.42 per month.

Prepaid Electricity Company 
Electricity Plans
Fixed Charges (REP + Oncor)
Energy Charge per kWh
Total kWh Price with Oncor Fees
Payless Power
Rate Lock 12
$3.42/month charged by Oncor$2.77/day charged by Payless Power, includes 17 kWh/day
8.0 ¢ / kWh (for daily usage over 17 kWh) 15.679¢ / kWh with TDU fees
17.3 ¢ / kWh when consuming 500 kWh16.8 ¢ / kWh when consuming 1000 kWh16.7 ¢ / kWh when consuming 2000 kWh
Payless Power
Rate Lock 6
$3.42/month charged by Oncor$2.77/day charged by Payless Power, includes 17 kWh/day
7.9¢ / kWh (for daily usage over 17 kWh) 15.579¢ / kWh with TDU fees
17.3 ¢ / kWh when consuming 500 kWh16.7 ¢ / kWh when consuming 1000 kWh16.6 ¢ / kWh when consuming 2000 kWh
Acacia Energy
Free Nights
$3.42/month charged by Oncor $0.95/day charged by Acacia, each day you consume less than 16 kWh
22.03 ¢ / kWh between 6:00 AM and 8.59 PM25.6199 ¢ / kWh with TDU fees
25.6199 ¢ / kWh between 6:00 AM and 8:59 PM Only TDU fees between 9:00 PM and 5:59 AM
Acacia Energy
Free Weekends
$3.42/month charged by Oncor$0.95/day charged by Acacia, each day you consume less than 16 kWh
20.31 ¢ / kWh between Monday 12:00 AM and Friday 7:59 PM23.8999 ¢ / kWh with TDU fees
20.3 ¢ / kWh when consuming 1000 kWh16.9899 ¢ / kWh plus $33.42 fixed charge
Pogo Energy
100% Clean Energy Plan 14
$3.42/month charged by Oncor$1/day ($30/month) charged by Pogo, does not cover any kWh consumed
13.40 ¢ / kWh, added to a fixed fee of $1/day regardless of consumption16.9899 ¢ / kWhwith TDU fees
20.3 ¢ / kWh when consuming 1000 kWh16.9899 ¢ / kWh plus $33.42 fixed charge

Additional Information:

Payless Power offers a fixed kWh price for 12 months in the Premier 12 plan, 6 months in the Simple 6 plans. You avoid electricity price hikes during the plan term, while still having the benefit of prepaid electricity.

Acacia Energy and Pogo Energy offer variable-rate plans, which means the kWh price can change each month.

Which Prepaid Electric Company has the Cheapest Rate Including TDU Charges?

Looking back to our 5 EFLs, we’re able to determine an all-in rate for each plan which includes: the electric rate, or the price per kWh, and the standard Transmission and Delivery Utility (TDU) charges.

We quickly noticed that prepaid electricity plans with free energy are more expensive than basic, no-frills plans. Again, Payless Power has the most affordable electric rate compared to the other prepaid light companies in Texas.

Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas

Switch to Low-Cost Prepaid Electricity in Texas

If you’re looking for the lowest prepaid electricity rate in Texas, the Premier 12 Plan, from Payless Power for: 17.7¢ delivered by Oncor is your ideal choice. Not only does it offer a competitive rate, but it also ensures rate stability for a full 12 months. Say goodbye to credit checks when switching to prepaid lights – it’s hassle-free! The activation fee you pay goes directly towards your electricity consumption, eliminating the need for any extra deposits. With this plan, you have the freedom to pay as you go, giving you complete control over your electricity expenses. Choose the Premier 12 Plan today for the lowest rates and convenient payment options! Prepaid Texas Electricity

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