You can make payments online or pay cash at these locations

You can make payments online or pay cash at these locations

Entergy Texas’ annual fan donation helps low-income customers stay cool and save money
Entergy Texas’ annual fan donation helps low-income customers stay cool and save money

Entergy Texas is making a generous contribution to Southeast Texas families by donating 1,300 fans. These fans will be distributed to 36 cities and agencies across the region, providing relief from the summer heat and helping customers save on their energy bills. The initiative aims to support low-income customers and alleviate financial stress during the warmer months.

Stuart Barrett, the Vice President of Customer Service for Entergy Texas, emphasized the importance of assisting customers on tight budgets. By offering these fans, the company aims to help families stay cool while also reducing their energy expenses.

This year’s donation adds to the impressive track record of Entergy Texas, which has already donated a total of 27,100 fans to Texas families through community partnerships since 2000. The recipients of this year’s fan distribution program include various cities, agencies, and organizations such as the City of Dayton Police Department, Community Care Prayer Outreach, Navasota, and many others.

Alongside the fan distribution program, Entergy Texas provides additional resources to help customers manage their energy bills. To access these resources or find more information, interested individuals can visit

Entergy Texas, Inc. serves around 499,000 customers across 27 counties. As a subsidiary of Entergy Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in New Orleans, Entergy Texas is committed to creating a cleaner and more resilient energy future. With a diverse power generation portfolio that includes increasingly carbon-free energy sources, Entergy powers the lives of 3 million customers through its operating companies in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. With over a century of roots in the Gulf South region, Entergy is recognized as a leader in corporate citizenship, contributing more than $100 million annually through philanthropy and advocacy efforts to local communities. The company’s approximately 12,000 employees are dedicated to powering life today and for future generations.


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